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Becky’s Buds

Our Roots


Our Team is comprised of an accomplished group of Horticulturists and Plant lovers. This talent pool represents for generations of professional Maine Cultivators and a wide-spanning knowledge base.

Becky's Buds cannabis grow operations will soon span, Our crops are produced with precision in creating the highest quality flowers on the market. Also, each strain of cannabis is meticulously grown without the use of harmful pesticides or plant growth regulators.

we utilizes  award-winning, Labs and Maine Medical Marijuana Farmers that uses cold ethanol, CO2 and Rosin extraction methods to produce concentrates and oils. These extracts are the primary building blocks of many of our product lines . Furthermore, all the  products face rigorous internal and third-party testing before going to market, We believe that cannabis is for all of us . And no matter your lifestyle or level of wellness, there is a way for this humble plant to improve your well-being. That’s why making you comfortable and helping you feel informed is the foundation of every experience  

Becky’s Buds

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